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Part 1: Artificial Intelligence at Shift

Like any organization trying to find our place in the blooming AI landscape, Shift’s approach has been evolving & changing with each new headline. We’re eager to explore each new trend & find out for ourselves where the business value may lie for our clients and our company.

Apple Unveils iPhone 15

Apple's "Wanderlust" event wows with iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Watch Ultra 2, and connectivity surprises!

Part 2: Implementing AI in your Organization

The interest in AI technology has never been as heightened as it is now. While the concept of AI technology has been around for over 60 years, companies like OpenAI have revitalized AI technology by introducing ChatGPT.

Apple’s Platform State of The Union Recap Part 2

Apple’s Platform State of The Union showcased new and improved developer features, as well as some general enhancements. Check ‘em out.

Apple Unveils Juicy Software Updates & AR/VR Innovations at WWDC

Apple's WWDC wows with iOS 17 updates featuring video voicemails and personalized contact posters, alongside the unveiling of an immersive AR/VR computer with Spatial Computing and dual 4K displays, reinforcing their dedication to innovation and personalized experiences.

How to Support Your Custom Software

Say you have a custom software package that helps you manage your inventory and sales. The software is a success and you are happy with the results but a year goes by and the software is running slower. We can help you with that.

Don’t have a Product Owner? We’ve got you!

Software Development can be intimidating to dive into. Let us help you succeed no matter where your company is at, and no matter how much software experience you have.

Off-the-Shelf Pains, Custom Gains

Off-the-shelf software and custom software development both play important roles in how businesses operate every day. The big question is which one is best to help you achieve your unique organizational goals now and in the future.

Shift New Beginnings

At the end of each year at Shift we pause to reflect on all of the things both personally and professionally we’ve accomplished together. This year was one for the books in many ways.

Build One-Pager Docs to Sharpen Product Focus in Scrum

One-pager documents can help vet requirements, set priority, and improve conversations on any scrum team.

How Continuous Delivery Ensures the Success of Your Product

Learn why we use short delivery cycles to create quality products faster and more efficiently.