As a software developer at Shift, you will work directly with our clients to understand their vision and develop solutions that achieve them. You will be involved throughout the entire development process – from gathering requirements, to architecting, developing and thoroughly testing applications. You will work in a team-based environment where you will apply agile principles to iteratively and rapidly create products that the clients will love. Given the wide variety of technology you will work in, it is important that you embody a full-stack mentality and don't have any fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone. You should be an expert in frontend, backend or mobile development, with experience in the other disciplines. You must be dependable, possess strong communication skills and take a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Lastly, you should love what you do and strive to share that passion with others.


  • Communicate directly with clients to understand their vision and identify their needs
  • Architect, develop and maintain applications throughout the entire development process
  • Write thorough and maintainable tests to ensure quality and product stability
  • Adhere to coding styles and development best practices
  • Work closely with our UI/UX team to ensure a quality design and experience
  • Improve the operation of our business by analyzing policies and procedures and recommending changes


  • Expertise in frontend, backend or mobile development, with experience in the other disciplines
  • Experience with TDD, continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Familiarity with refactoring, design patterns, and software architecture principles such as SOLID and DRY
  • Ability to translate designs into functional interfaces
  • Experience designing and integrating with RESTful APIs
  • Fluent on the command line and using various UNIX tools

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails and/or React
  • Experience with DevOps automation using tools such as Ansible and Terraform
  • Familiarity with cyber security principles and tools
  • Experience with performance testing and optimization
  • Experience submitting to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Familiarity with usability testing, A/B testing, behavior measurement and analysis
  • Interest and willingness to contribute to open-source software