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With Android dropping a new mobile operating system and Apple’s soon to follow, we’ve researched everything you need to know so you don’t have to.

iOS 16 was unveiled during Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June 2022 with major new features, including a completely redesigned lock screen, the ability to unsend and edit messages in iMessages, and much more. iOS 16 was in a testing phase over the summer, and the new iPhone 14 will ship with the new iOS version pre-installed on September 7.

Android 13 was released on August 15, 2022. Named Tiramisu, Android 13 follows Snow Cone (Android 12) and Red Velvet (Android 11) in Google's dessert naming scheme for the OS. (Google temporarily ditched dessert naming when it called Android 10's brand redesign Android Q.) Overall, Android 13 looks and feels just like Android 12, with few improvements visible on the surface. However, there’s quite a bit under the hood that we’ll get into.

Apple Updates

Below is a quick run-down of what you can expect in the new Apple release, coming mid-September. However, we go into more detail here.

Edit & Unsend Messages

  • Recall messages
  • Edit messages
  • Mark messages and threads as unread

Customizable Lock Screen

  • Press and hold to edit lock screen
  • Customize fonts for time and date
  • Add widgets

Notifications & Live Activities

  • Notifications to the bottom of your display


  • Skip captchas using private access tokens

Wallet & Apple Pay Later

  • ID cards for more states will be available to protect identity and age (will only display you're over 21)

Visual Lookup’s Tap & Drag

  • Tap-and-hold tool that removes a photo’s background

SharePlay comes to Messages

  • Share a movie with SharePlay via messages while chatting friends

Safety Check

  • Helpful for people in abusive relationships
  • Review and reset who has access to location information

Transit Fare cards to Apple Maps

  • Add up to 15 stops
  • See transit fare estimates
  • Add money to fare card from within Apple Maps

iCloud Family Checklist

  • Quick start to add new device
  • Set up separate users on the same device

Android Updates

The new Android OS came out August 15, and while the updates aren’t quite as noticeable, there’s quite a bit going on under the hood. We go into more detail here.

Design Changes:

  • Auto theming icons
  • More Material You theming options
  • Alternative lock screen clock setup
  • Now Playing widget updated

Functionality Improvements:

  • Native Bluetooth LE Audio support
  • Reworked audio output selector
  • More intuitive QR scanner support
  • ‘Panlingual’ per-app language settings
  • Revamped clipboard features
  • Smart home controls in an unlocked state

Privacy & Security:

  • Private photo picker
  • Integrated fast pair
  • Notifications permissions

Under-the-Hood Upgrade

  • Language upgrades
  • Auto-completion and emojis
  • Android 13 easter egg introduced

Still have questions after reviewing the updates? Reach out to our team at Shift to help navigate how this impacts you.