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Updating Your React Native App to a New Major Version

Discover a structured approach to updating your React Native app, ensuring a smooth transition and improved performance

Efficiency Unleashed: How UX Maximizes Your Time and Budget

User experience can sometimes be the first item cut from a budget. However, it may be the most important Learn why.

2024 Tech Trends with Justyn Miller

For Shift, 2023 was an incredible year. With LLMs, AI & sustainability, 2024 seems to be stacking up quite nice as well.

Guest Blog: How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade Rails?

When it comes to Rails upgrades, our friends at and OmbuLabs are some of the most knowledgable in the business. Check out their most recent blog post to learn more on the importance of Rails upgrades.

Collaborative Excellence: Why Shift Partners with Consultancies Like OmbuLabs

At Shift, we understand the value of partnering with other consultancies across the country to achieve our clients' goals efficiently and effectively. In this collaborative blog, we're thrilled to introduce you to OmbuLabs, one of our trusted partners.

Part 1: Artificial Intelligence at Shift

Like any organization trying to find our place in the blooming AI landscape, Shift’s approach has been evolving & changing with each new headline. We’re eager to explore each new trend & find out for ourselves where the business value may lie for our clients and our company.

Don’t have a Product Owner? We’ve got you!

Software Development can be intimidating to dive into. Let us help you succeed no matter where your company is at, and no matter how much software experience you have.

Off-the-Shelf Pains, Custom Gains

Off-the-shelf software and custom software development both play important roles in how businesses operate every day. The big question is which one is best to help you achieve your unique organizational goals now and in the future.

Build One-Pager Docs to Sharpen Product Focus in Scrum

One-pager documents can help vet requirements, set priority, and improve conversations on any scrum team.

How Continuous Delivery Ensures the Success of Your Product

Learn why we use short delivery cycles to create quality products faster and more efficiently.

Your Cybersecurity Best Practices Guide

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. Start implementing these cybersecurity best practices to protect your users’ information and website.